Free Soul Readings: The Joys And Sorrows.


This popular type of readings are often known as psychic readings. I call the ones I do, Soul Readings. Not to be different from others, but because when performing one, the experience feels like a dance with another soul. The communication is certainly different. Energy moves differently and points out the way and as it should, freely, the questions, the answers, the imagery, and finally the message. After a few seconds into the eyes of someone, visions appear and word by word, sentence by sentence the message is delivered. 

The process is lengthy. It can take a lot of energy depending on the person. The last entry on this blog, -I do have another blog-, included a reading performed on Teal Swan to illustrate a point, the unseen beauty of a person; the beauty that lies within, which one can only be seen by transcending the physical. If only we took the time to see others for what they truly are, especially ourselves, we'd only see beauty.

Besides the few lengthy exceptions that took 3 to 5 hours, the process usually takes up to two hours. The communication with the person interested, the actual reading and the communication after it. Such length makes free readings an authentic dilemma. It's too long a time dedicated to one person only. On the other side of the coin, it does help people to shift an energy and much healing and insights come to them during the following weeks, even months. 

Free readings:

It could be argued that readers offer free readings for promotion. This might be true to a certain point, as no one would purchase a product that they've never seen. However, readers love what they do, as they love people and helping others. No one would do readings for financial gain alone. It's not worth it.

In my case, considering the amount of time, when I offer free readings I choose people by the energy at the time. Therefore, it's not something I can guarantee to anyone, unless I feel called to do it. Everyone has a beautiful energy within, and a wonderful message. It's a matter of timing. In a way, these readings are given, instead of chosen. Of course appointing someone would be easier, but such a simple, conscious action would disrupt the continuous process and might affect future readings. Consistency is a must. 

Readers offer free readings because they want to. They don't have to do it for anyone.

Paid readings

The process doesn't differ whether a reading is free or paid. I only give full readings. What changes is the exchange of energy. Reading energies can be an exhausting experience. When readers give too much, they might burn out, at which point the won't be able to help anyone. There must be a healthy balance between both. In any case, readers, healers and any other type of spiritual practitioner deserve and must be paid for their time and energy like any other professional. It is also the only way to guarantee a reading, at least from me. Other than helping someone financially, the exchange of energy helps the reader to improve their craft, as well as providing an immediate response to whatever needs people have.

I could give reasons why someone has to be paid for their time and energy, but I´d only be stating the obvious. 

Recently I was almost determined to stop doing readings completely, which is an option I reserve for anytime in the future. The cost is sometimes too costly.

Men, women and readings:

Women are much more open than men when it comes to readings. I must get one request from a man out of 100 requests. There are reasons for this, but explaining it would make this blog post too lengthy without adding any value.

The Joys:

However exhausting it can be, reading someone is a wonderful way to connect and get to know someone. It's a meeting that takes place through energy and in silence, experiencing their inner beauty only. The best part perhaps is to feel the energy of people once they've read it and experienced a shift in energy, to read their words of gratitude and perceiving the renewed energy they write with. 

One of the reasons to do readings is that I strongly believe that if we make someone feel better, they will make others feel better, hence cause the butterfly effect, which keeps spreading over and over. I've written about it before in my other blog, that you, I and everyone else have inspired so many people without us knowing. It's important that people know that they've touched hundreds, maybe thousands of heart without their knowledge, that they matter, that we're all good enough. 

The sorrows:

Those who know my readings might be aware that the messages I deliver are beautiful, positive and meaningful to the person who received it. This is not always the case. As I read energies, sometimes I see things that are never revealed to the public and I only share with the person who has been read, whether the reading is free or paid. Seeing scenes of heartbreak, violence and even sexual abuse makes this part of readings one hard to digest, never mind enjoying it. However, such images and messages also contribute to the healing of people. It doesn't always have to be pretty.

On a personal level, readings contributed heavily in the end of my last relationship. No need to add anything here. The reason to share this information if only briefly, is to illustrate that sometimes the costs of dedicating our lives to help others and make this world a better place are too high, and often not worthwhile at a personal level. 

A reading new comes free. It always has a cost.

The end of readings:

A few months ago I was close to end with readings once and for all. There will be a time, when these readings won't be available. I am a writer and in the process of finishing a book, to be followed by another one after that. There are other projects that I'm involved in, which should see light at some point this year and that will occupy all my time, and perhaps more. These are projects that still aim to assist others in the personal development, but from a different perspective and reaching a larger audience. 

While I enjoy a one to one communication, ending with this process will bring a lot of benefits on a personal level, and consequently to the lives of others. It's the next step in my growth, and one that is coming soon. 

The end of a relationship, however much it may hurt is too small a loss compared to the loss that might had occurred had I denied myself the right to be who I am. But to deny myself to continue exploring through writing in a depth I have not yet explored and to plunge once again within in a journey of self-discovery, that would equal existential suicide while my body still moves. 

Due to the large amount of requests for readings, I felt that writing a blog entry that explains the process, what to expect and what goes on behind the scenes rather than to do so individually every time there's a request I cannot respond as others would expect. 

Yes, readings will end, but until then, I'll keep doing them as I wish and I can. Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Readings, relationships, family, friends, the places we live in, jobs, are all transitory. We move on so as to evolve and gain the necessary experiences that we need to learn. Some people move on faster, before we do, but eventually we all leave something behind. Moving on is and should be a reason to celebrate, as when doing so we participate actively in our personal growth. If we continue revisiting places that no longer serve us is because we're not ready to move on yet, or at least we like to believe we're not. If I can see this in others and transmit the message, I can see where I'm going to. One day soon these reading will be a memory, a loving memory nevertheless, but a memory after all, shares with hundreds of people who through my eyes were seen for the first time in an unexpected way. It's something beautiful to leave behind.

Sometimes all it takes, it's to show others how beautiful they are, and as we do, we also see how beautiful we are.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon.

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