How To Get A Soul Reading.


I'm writing this blog entry due to the high demand that for years I had for free soul readings. Readings are known by different denominations: psychic readings, spiritual readings or tarot readings to name a few. In my previous blog post I explained why I choose to call mine soul readings. It also gives account of the process and what to expect from it. If interested in one, it's a good idea to read it here.  

My inbox, as well as my reading´s page are flooded with requests for free readings, therefore I decided to write a standard response that helps everyone to understand the process, the availability, as well as the limitations.

In order to make it easier, as well as clearer to everyone who might be interested, every week I offer free readings on Soul Readings group with simple instructions to follow. First, to post a photo with eyes looking at the lenses. As people often post photos with eyes looking away from the lenses I'd like to clarify this point. Imagine that your eyes are looking into someone else's eyes. This is what I look at and where the connection is made. Looking away from the camera does reduce the chances to be chosen. In order to make this connection it´s not even necessary to have a photo, just to feel the energy. It wouldn´t be the first time that I do a reading without a photo. It makes it easier, that´s all. 

It's best not to post photos with filters or glasses. What someone looks like doesn't make any difference when selecting someone. Also, post photos in which you are alone. Mixed energies don't help to get selected.

Be open to whatever comes. I do not answer specific questions, although this is something I might consider in some cases, especially in paid readings. 

Giving free readings is a way of giving back to the world, not something that I need or have to do. No one has to do anything for anyone unless they wish to. It's an enjoyable experience, even  though at times it can take a lot of energy. I do know what difference it makes in people's lives, from the moment that the reading is received, the shift of energy that's experienced and the positive effects and insights that come for months after the reading. 

Sometimes I feel called to do free readings, other periods I don't. It's all a matter of energy. This cannot truly be explained. 

There's a particular selection process. It's also simple to explain. I respond to the energy that calls me on the day I choose to do it. The call is unequivocal. I follow it and deliver. This is an important point that explains why I cannot guarantee a free reading to anyone. It's a matter of energy, not the person. Everyone has a wonderful energy deep within and a beautiful message. I can only deliver so many. 

The only way to guarantee a reading from me is to get a paid one. My time is limited, as I am involved in different projects. As I do not rely on readings for living, it's a service that could disappear anytime, but also gives me the freedom to offer them for free whenever I feel that's appropriate. I keep prices low to be available to as many people as possible, even though considering the time, energy, but especially the uniqueness of it and the incredible effect that has on people I could charge more.

Paid readings help to support this blog, and especially the other one I have been writing for years and in which useful information on varied subjects on spirituality, relationships and personal development. The additional income allows for more time to write.

Finally, a free reading coming from me or anyone else is a gift, but it's also a lottery. Anyone could be chosen. There are too many people asking for readings and not enough readers to respond to everyone. Not receiving a free reading is not to be taken personally or a reason for disappointment. It's not rejection. Once again, it's a choice made by energy. Whether you feel depressed or in bliss is circumstantial and not a deciding factor, although, it's true that a reading could give a break to someone experiencing a low mood.

Please don't try to make a reader guilty, insist or claim that you don't have the funds when you do. Readers can see more than they might say. A reading is and should be a positive experience throughout, trying to buy a reading with fear won't bring good results and it's very possible that never happens even if there's intention to pay. 

The guilt trip:

Often people try to make readers feel guilty with comments such as: "I thought you had a caring soul," "a gift from God shouldn´t be used for financial gain," and other pearls in this line of thought. This approach can never work. A reading is an act of unconditional love that transcends all human limitations. Throwing fear into the equation from the beginning won´t be met with the expected results. 

Many people claim not to have money when they do indeed have it. If someone has a job, they're most likely able to afford a reading. If you can afford a reading you might as well consider paying for one. Having to write this blog entry is somehow discouraging, as I could have used this time to write on a different and more inspiring subject. 

Last year I hardly did any readings, neither paid nor free for reasons such as those stated above. This service won't be available much longer. After recent experiences, the end might be closer than ever. 

Usually readers offer free mini readings. So far I only do full readings. The average time is around two hours. This is a time that could be dedicated to other activities. This blog entry wouldn't be necessary if free readings were not offered on a regular basis. I hope this helps to clarify all answers that you may have in regards to readings. Keep posting your photos when there's an offer. You never know if your energy would be standing out next time. Everything is possible.

Since writing this blog post, the only thing that has changed is that full readings are now exclusive to paid ones, although they're still quite complete and the first two parts are covered. The only thing missing are the messages that come at the end of the reading. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon.

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