The 'Truth' About Teal Swan


There´s a kind of truth which will always be subjective to personal beliefs systems and life experiences. Universal truth is at the other side of the coin, hidden -and not so hidden- in the dark. A truth that remains unexplored for as long as one's acts continue validating what they've grown to believe. The path towards universal truth is through love and kindness to ourselves first, then to others. Personal truths might be harder to accept, due to the human tendency to self-defeat, when realising that at a stage in life we might have taken the wrong turn, influencing our actions, reactions and responses to life's situations. 

A meeting with one´s own conscience doesn´t leave anyone indifferent.

In the path to the truth of who we really are, everyone will inevitably make mistakes. Do not give yourself a hard time when conscience appears to show erroneous patterns adopted due to the burdensome influence of an education of a society built on fear and which heavily insists in perpetuating the impression of fear. Take it as a beautiful realisation that allows to see what you´re not, and as a turning point towards meeting the new, real you. 

Hard realisations come first, maybe followed by shame or regret. Then beauty of it develops as you embrace more of who you really are.

"In order to realise who we really are, first we must experience who we´re not."
                                                                                                Claudio Naranjo

Put your mind at ease. You´re not as ´bad´as you might have been led to believe. There´s a vague veil that blinds the true image of the self. From the moment of birth, and as we grow up, everyone is dragged into a web of lies, which are naturally accepted as truths. As they come from people we love, who previously learned the erroneous ways of the world from people they loved, such lies are accepted as normal. From that moment on. we act accordingly, even if our actions and words feel uncomfortable. 

Every action, every word, every thought creates an energy and a feeling. The problem lies in the fact that such feelings have become the norm, implicitly accepting that this is the way life is. It´s not. Life is what we make of it. Do not sign up for a life of resignation just yet. There´s a lot of beauty and love to come if you pay closer attention to your heart and feelings.  

Actions born from fear are controlling, creating feelings of shame or guilt, which are validated by creating a personality that masters such type of behaviour. The farther one's behaviour moves away from the true nature of the higher self, the more one separates from truth. As every energy that we create through actions, thoughts and words are stored in the body, where they settle growing stronger and more uncomfortable. 

Like everything else, shame is a paradox. It´s not what we did, but what it was done to us. Certain types of behaviour and actions inflicted on others are so despicable, that those inflicting pain and suffering see no other option than to keep blaming everyone else for their behaviour, instead of taking a deep look at themselves. There´s a lot of arrogance, Gaslight and narcissistic tendencies in such aggressive behaviours, and it's more extended that it may seem. Anything but to accept the truth or that they might have been mistaken. Small people would do anything to keep others small. Anything!

Several paragraphs into this blog post and still no word about Teal Swan. Oh well!

My perspective on truth, and one to which I reached through personal experience and growth, can be read here: ´Seekers After Truth´, therefore I won´t be repeating myself. It's a strong belief that by discovering, understanding and accepting our personal truth, we become better persons. Not a better man or a better woman, but a better person.

From that wonderful moment of self discovery, day by day, step by step one gets closer to the extraordinary beauty of who they really are. We´re all different in so many ways, but as we get closer to the universal truth and wisdom which lies within everyone without exception, there´s not that much difference between one and an other. Within, everyone is incredibly beautiful and gifted. We just have to look deeper. 

Months ago, someone kindly requested and arranged a soul reading for Teal Swan in gratitude for everything she does for other people, which reads as follows:

"I see a child dancing to the beat of her heart, to the joyful dance of her soul … a child that knows the wonders of other dimensions … I hear the laughter of children, the expanding waves of her charming smile … a child interrupted, that somehow forgot to play  ….  I hear your voice speaking at once in sounds and silence, delivering the untold words of the soul …. You are the Messenger, so kind, so clear, so soft …. The world transforms at the conviction of your voice … confident, persistent, a powerful warrior …. The magic of the healer flows strong in you; The Wounded Healer … generous and captivating, the sensual enchantress lies in you, somewhat aloof, reserved … I see a soul breaking through misunderstanding, patiently observing the new ripples of love moving across the world … there’s in you an important message yet to be spoken, but it’s not the right time yet … it’s a message of peace and love, abstracts to be found in your inner journey … breathe! …  the Universe flows through you powerful …. You are never alone …. Beings of light stand by you, and they are legions …. You are the Goddess of Love and Light … yours, it’s the highest call, and even though it can be lonely and cold at times, your soul is calling for belief and trust, never doubt, you’re on the right path … remember, you’re never alone and you’re well protected …. There’s a broken heart yearning to be seen, to be heard, to be truly touched … you are magnetic, elusive … there’s a calm, wild woman in you waiting for the untamed dance … the courage within leads you through a path in which the heart breaks again and again … too protective at times, your heart seeks new horizons in vulnerability ….. around you, time moves in a slow tempo, expanding days and nights …. You are a seer, though sometimes you wish you wouldn’t see; only know that there’s within a strength yet to be tapped in to assist you in meeting the call of your dutiful soul … the stillness within is infinite, and so much love in your beautiful soul … You are Muse to the lost souls, to the wanderers, to the one true Poet …. It is time to breathe, to pause and rest, you’ve been strong for too long … you may lead the path, but you don’t have to do this alone, know that the Universe will heal every soul … it’s time to sing and play and dance, time to renew bows with Spirit, ask with love and new doors must open for you …. The child within is still singing and dancing to the beating of her heart, and she’s calling … the best days are yet to come …."
Teal´s reading was a beautiful, intense and an exhausting three hours experience. When committing to do a reading, time is irrelevant. Whether it takes the usual hour or three, it must be delivered with the best I can give. The reading is what I see after a short glance at her eyes. It doesn´t take longer than a few seconds. What follows next is a dance with another soul, a short journey of insights, visions and messages. The truth I see in her. No other ´truth' matters to me.  

                   We hear what we want to hear. 
                                              We see what we want to see.

The reason for using Teal´s figure as a vehicle to illustrate the point I´d like to make today is simple; she is a catalyst for change, and extremely good at it. No wonder the strong reactions from people or the pressure put on her to constantly explain herself. It is inevitable to receive fierce criticism once we expose ourselves to the public opinion. Perhaps the best way not to be criticised is to remain locked within four walls in the confines of what we already know, avoiding to experience life and consequently not living. We´re all bound to be misinterpreted and misunderstood. Let´s not allow the misunderstanding of others to be the bars of our personal prison. 

Why am I sharing this today?

True magic occurs when taking the time to take a closer look at people; a deeper connection with who they really are by looking into their eyes, transcending physical appearances. Such connection cannot be achieved while distracted by the physical. We are what we are. Everyone is given the body they have. Transcending this is perhaps the most difficult part, as everyone is looking for love and beauty in someone else, somewhere else; rarely within. Therefore, we stop at the first glance of beauty to make it ours, in order to fill the bottomless hole of our incompleteness, which is the effect that an unexplored life has people. It´s not only possible, but certain to see the real beauty in others. At the same time, we also see ourselves in them. 

While following the strong wave of individualism and egocentric identity so cleverly devised and promoted by media and neo-liberalism, we do continue competing in every aspect of life. To see the beauty in others, it´s to see the beauty in us. Everyone is a piece of the puzzle of the collective soul. 

There are no words to describe the experience of seeing ourselves within someone else. It´s a moment of pure magic and synergy with another soul. 

Unfortunately, we´re afraid of looking within coerced by the fear of the disturbing criticism received since childhood, expecting to find only the dark chambers so vividly described time and again by others. Inside those chambers also lie an extraordinary light and  a source of infinite love to which anyone could connect anytime. It is a matter of believing that we can. The soul is always protected. Do not be afraid to let it out and let it shine. Your true nature and authenticity is much more visible than you might think.  

Such alledged darkness is nothing but the opinion of others, the energetic debris of people's frustrations and incompleteness. 

Having an opinion is one thing. The sense of entitlement to impose it on others is something entirely different, as well as unnecessary. If it´s not loving or kind, it´s most likely not needed. It´s easy to see the negative, to blame someone else for this action or that belief, not realising that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. 

Hard to see the truth, including ourselves when we rampage through life with a negativity filter in our eyes. This is self-imposed blindness, which prevents the vision, the sound and the dance of our incomparable inner beauty; to hear the beautiful song of our souls.  

Avoiding to look within, feeling the constant longing for something we lost -the true essence of the higher self- validates and perpetuates the opinion formulated by others. Part of being kind to the self is to have the courage to revisit your own inner beauty, and generously opening it up and sharing with the world. It is OK to change and evolve. You do not need anyone´s permission or validation. However comfortable the love and acceptance of others may be, there´s a degree of compromise to please others by continuing behaving as they wish us to. As long as it doesn´t harm anyone else, do what best suits your soul and makes you happy. 

Looking at someone´s eyes will allow you to have a perception of beauty with another soul, the unique experience shared between two people. The same is true to you. Take a long, kind and loving look in the mirror and see the beauty within. If the mirror seems too intimidating, choose your best photo and seek the truth which you experienced before others told you who you are. The truth and beauty of your soul is always there, right in front of your nose.

As per Teal, one thing I know to be true, she´s taken both, the responsibility and the burden to use her experience to help others to seek their own truth. It´s not an easy task, and one that lies heavily on her shoulders. Her truth concerns her only. Whether she decides to share it with others as the public figure she is, is her choice. To believe it or not, it's your choice too. 

         Everything is true, and everything is a lie.
Take as long as you need .... 

I also see among her 'followers'  hundreds of people happy and excited to take a deep plunge within in order to explore their own dark chambers. There's a wonderful energy of love among most of them. Teal must be doing something right. 

For years I went through an incredibly powerful work of personal transformation with the assistance of Claudio Naranjo -a man I love dearly- and his wonderful team. His SAT programs are a true ode to unconditional love and universal truth. Besides children or my own personal experiences, Claudio is the closest to God I've ever come across in my life. Regardless of the outstanding service he's done to humanity, I've also heard rumors and comments with ill intention. No one escapes the sharp, bitter tongues.

Personally I like to keep my opinions to myself. When I feel that I have something to say, I write it, publish it, so those drawn to the information I share may read it or not. So far, the feedback and comments I've received have been wonderful. 'Haters', yes, I do have them to. When they approach I respond with the deep wisdom of silence. No one escapes. 

Playing detective, digging in the dirt to smear someone's truth is easy, especially hiding behind the anonymity of social media, but that's also OK. We all advance and grow at  a different pace. However, how we treat others define who we are.

I live with a deep knowing that love is all there is. This is my truth. 

Why others do anything but love is not a mystery to me. What everyone wants from us is love. They just don't know how to ask for it. 

When and if you decided to explore those intricate and wonderful dark chambers within, just make sure that you have fun. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon.

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